Just when it seemed that the career of Taiwanese-American television star and model Janet Hsieh couldn’t get any sweeter, she recently landed a sparkling new endorsement deal to her portfolio. According to the company blog in a story posted on December 18, 2012, Charriol, a Swiss boutique offering fine watches, jewelry, eyewear, leather goods, and perfumes, chose Miss Hsieh to represent their brand as part of its ongoing “Stars for Charriol” campaign. The star showcased the Charriol’s St-Tropez Diamond Watch and the Divine Jewelry Collection at its Mitsukoshi A8 boutique in Taipei during its one-and-a-half hour event. More about this event can be viewed in the company’s blog article.

She is a popular model and TV travel show host, with a prolific modeling career. Her past endorsement deals include Nescafé, Acuvue, Robitussin, PayEasy, Pica Pica, and Intel. For more about Janet Hsieh, visit her profile on FanAccess.com.


Kari Kimmel

Singer and songwriter Kari Kimmel shared with FanAccess.com what she has going on during this Summer, and we are happy to pass it along to her fans.

1) On June 27th, her song, “Brand New Day” was broadcast on The Real World TV show on MTV.

2) She will be singing on a national Nissan commercial that will air this Summer.

3) She will be singing the theme song, “I Want You To Want Me” on the new Fox show, “The Choice,” airing Thursday nights at 8 pm.

4) She co-wrote and is singing the theme song to a new show on ABC Family premiering July 11th called “Beverly Hills Nannies.”

5) She teamed up with Hane’s Barely There to promote their new line of underwear, and you can visit this link to get a FREE song.

6) Her song “Go” can be heard in the upcoming Rob Reiner film, “The Magic of Belle Isle, which will be released on July 6.

For more information on Kari Kimmel, click here to visit her page on FanAccess.com.

3 Leaf Clover by Claudia Lee

With a role on the CW Television Network series “Hart of Dixie” and a new country music album in release, actress and singer Claudia Lee has always seemed more “down home” than hip. That could be about to change, thanks to her latest single, “3 Leaf Clover,” a country-rap hybrid that blends urban with rural in a way that just might have fans from down on the farm to the big city cranking up their car stereos and hitting the dance floor.

With spoken lyrics that morph into playful twang, the cutting-edge song is a no-nonsense lesson in love, sung from the perspective of a young woman who demands to be treated with respect: “You better read my lips, I won’t say this twice / You need to step it up, you need to play it nice / I’m not gonna waste a minute of my life / On someone who can blend in with a pack of fools / Just a hammer hanging in the box of tools.”

“When my producer, Max Di Carlo, introduced this song to me, I fell in love with it,” Lee said. “It’s cool the way it starts out as a rap song and becomes country, then goes back to rap.”

Although unusual, it is not unheard of for country music artists to dabble in hip-hop. Perhaps the best known artists in that genre, the multi-platinum-selling Nappy Roots, have been doing it since 1995. Neal McCoy, Bellamy Brothers, Mikel Knight and others have also experimented with rap. Recently, Taylor Swift recorded “Both of Us,” a duet with rapper B.o.B., although she leaves the actual rapping to him.

At age 15, Claudia Lee is likely one of, if not the youngest country artist to incorporate rap into her music. Although “3 Leaf Clover” was just recently released to radio stations as a single, some were already playing it.

“After I played it about the fourth or fifth time, I started getting requests,” said John Mansell, program director and air personality at WSLV Radio in Ardmore, Tennessee. “What was amazing was the demographics on the requests were 12 to 22. You’ve got elementary kids all the way up to college kids listening to it.”

“3 Leaf Clover” is one of 12 songs on Lee’s debut album, “Here Right Now,” which also features the singles “Hollywood Sunset” and “It Gets Better.” Claudia Lee’s music is available at iTunes and Amazon. “3 Leaf Clover” can be heard at https://www.facebook.com/ClaudiaLeeLive/app_195720580528281

Claudia Lee is represented by the Paradigm Talent Agency, Beverly Strong Management and Joanne Horowitz Management in Beverly Hills, and in Nashville by GrassRoots Promotion.

Information about Claudia Lee is available at www.ClaudiaLeeLive.com or on her fan page at FanAccess.com.

The sudden rise of NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin has taken Asia by storm. When he took the floor as a starter for the first time in his professional career, the former basketball guard from Harvard University, was not known by many in Asia, where basketball has seen a great rise in popularity over the years. After leading the woeful Knicks to a win over the Nets, who have had their own troubles finding wears to win, a few people started to take notice. Who was this kid who led a team without two of its star starters to a win in his first start? How did he score 25 points?

After guiding New York to a seemingly improbable 7-game win streak, the mania surrounding the new starting point guard for the New York Knicks reached fever pitch. It wasn’t just the win streak, but it was the way Jeremy accomplished the feat as a team player, while making the highlight reels with his heroics. It was also the humble way he has accepted his success and the generosity in which he dishes out credit to his coach and teammates.

But in Asia, what captivates the imaginations of basketball fans the most, is how Jeremy Lin has broken the mold and shattered the barrier that many have perceived with Asian athletes. It has raised the hopes of many young men across a continent, who can now dream of having their shot in the NBA.

Ever since the winning streak began, newspapers and television stations from Taiwan, to China, Singapore, and Hong Kong have covered Jeremy almost religiously. Born from parent of Taiwanese descent, his coverage is especially intense, where Jeremy mania is covered around the clock on the TV news.

With the Knicks first loss with Lin as the starter against the Hornets, perhaps the craziness may start dying down. Lin is sure to pick himself up and learn from his mistakes, pushing himself and his teammates to start a new winning streak, and possibly the playoffs. But the dreams of his captivated fans in Asia are not going to die down anytime soon.

For more information on Jeremy Lin, click here to visit his Fan Page at FanAccess.com.

Kari Kimmel song on Burn Notice.

Kari Kimmel’s song, “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps,” will be broadcast during the ballroom dance scene in the September 1st episode of Burn Notice, which airs 10 pm EST on the USA Network.

UPCOMING: You can hear Kari Kimmel singing with Blake Shelton on the title track “Footloose” for the upcoming film Footloose. She is also singing on the upcoming show “Mobbed” hosted by Howie Mandel. And, the new album “Go” is almost here – The release date for the new album is: Sept 27th!

PAST MONTH: Other songs of Kari Kimmel that have aired on tv shows this past month include: The Lying Game (ABC Family), Big Girl’s Club (MTV), and Keeping Up with Kardashians (MTV)! Also check out the theme song she co-wrote for the show “Big Rich Texas” now airing on the Style Network.

For more information on Kari Kimmel, visit her page on FanAccess.com.

Kari Kimmel released her new music video for her single, “Go.” The video release comes ahead of the release of her new album, also titled, “Go,” scheduled for August 2, 2011.

This has been an active summer for the singer/songwriter, who released the following schedule of songs in films and TV shows:

6/15 – The World According to Paris (Oxygen)
6/13 – Carnal Innocence (Lifetime)
6/14 – Nine Lives of Chloe King (ABC Family)
6/15 – The World According to Paris (Oxygen)
6/22 – The World According to Paris (Oxygen)
6/29 – The World According to Paris (Oxygen)
7/06 – The World According to Paris (Oxygen)

For more information on Kari Kimmel, visit her page on FanAccess.com.

From The Vault album

Kari Kimmel, the prolific singer and songwriters, released a new album yesterday entitled, “From the Vault.” The new release shares music she created for film and television. You can find Kari’s songs from previous albums in over 125 TV shows, movies and commercials.

This album features the songs: “Didn’t See This Coming” (from “What Chili Wants” on VH1), “Finally Free” (from “The World According to Paris”), “Save Me” (from the Lifetime movie “Reviving Ophelia”), “I Got You” (from “Space Dogs 3D”), “Watching Over You” (“Space Dogs 3D”), “Holdin’ On” (“The World According to Paris”), “The Last Goodbye” (“What Chili Wants’) and “Number One” (from “America’s Funniest Home Videos” on ABC). There are also two new songs, “Hang On” and “On Your Side.”

“From the Vault” is now available on iTunes.

For more information on Kari Kimmel, visit her page on FanAccess.com.