Interview questions for Emma Watson from a fan in Taiwan

April 30, 2011

The last installment of Harry Potter movies, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is scheduled to hit theaters around the world on July 15th, 2011. As British actress Emma Watson of the Harry Potter movie series wrapped up her 10 year career portraying the character Hermione in the movie, she has started her transition into a new chapter of her career.

She was recently interviewed by Rhadika Jones of Time Magazine, who posed 10 questions to her from her fans. You can view this interview by watching the YouTube video above.

Emma Watson has countless fans throughout Asia and Taiwan, so we wanted to find the questions that Taiwanese fans wanted to ask. Taiwan is a democratic island where young people are commonly exposed to Western movies and culture, so the Harry Potter movies has a strong following. FanAccess searched for a representative fan to take on a role as a FanAccess reporter to pose questions for Emma Watson ahead of the screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the island in July. FanAccess searched Taiwan and found Emma’s biggest (self-proclaimed) fan, Godric Wu.

Godric Wu isn’t just a typical Emma Watson fan. He lives and breathes the world of Harry Potter, and there isn’t a day when classmates don’t hear about him fawning over Emma. He is an avid student of the English language and enjoys Western culture, with plans to study in England. Godric is an outstanding student high school sophomore at the prestigious Kang Ming Senior High School in Tainan, Taiwan.


Godric took his opportunity to be a reporter seriously, and prepared 10 Questions for Emma Watson from Fans in Taiwan:

  1. Would you like to learn the Chinese language?
  2. If there were an 8th Harry Potter movie, would you want to play a role in it?
  3. When you get married in your real life, would you like to get married in Hogwarts?
  4. If the magic spells in the books and movie were real, which one would you like to know how to use?
  5. Would you like to work with your brother in a future movie project?
  6. Would it be possible for you to have an Asian boyfriend?
  7. If quiddich were a real sport, which position would you want to play?
  8. Which member of your family influences you the most and why?
  9. Would you like to come to Taiwan for the premier of Harry Potter in Asia?
  10. How old were you when you had your first kiss?

FanAccess and Godric hopes and waits for a response from Emma Watson. If she responds to us, we will translate her answers into Chinese and make them available for the many Chinese-speaking fans he has around the world.


One Response to “Interview questions for Emma Watson from a fan in Taiwan”

  1. Realist Says:

    She already got an Asian (or at least Asian-looking) boyfriend! ūüėČ

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