Kari Kimmel releases new album

May 20, 2011

From The Vault album

Kari Kimmel, the prolific singer and songwriters, released a new album yesterday entitled, “From the Vault.” The new release shares music she created for film and television. You can find Kari’s songs from previous albums in over 125 TV shows, movies and commercials.

This album features the songs: “Didn’t See This Coming” (from “What Chili Wants” on VH1), “Finally Free” (from “The World According to Paris”), “Save Me” (from the Lifetime movie “Reviving Ophelia”), “I Got You” (from “Space Dogs 3D”), “Watching Over You” (“Space Dogs 3D”), “Holdin’ On” (“The World According to Paris”), “The Last Goodbye” (“What Chili Wants’) and “Number One” (from “America’s Funniest Home Videos” on ABC). There are also two new songs, “Hang On” and “On Your Side.”

“From the Vault” is now available on iTunes.

For more information on Kari Kimmel, visit her page on FanAccess.com.


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