Kari Kimmel song to air on Burn Notice

September 2, 2011

Kari Kimmel song on Burn Notice.

Kari Kimmel’s song, “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps,” will be broadcast during the ballroom dance scene in the September 1st episode of Burn Notice, which airs 10 pm EST on the USA Network.

UPCOMING: You can hear Kari Kimmel singing with Blake Shelton on the title track “Footloose” for the upcoming film Footloose. She is also singing on the upcoming show “Mobbed” hosted by Howie Mandel. And, the new album “Go” is almost here – The release date for the new album is: Sept 27th!

PAST MONTH: Other songs of Kari Kimmel that have aired on tv shows this past month include: The Lying Game (ABC Family), Big Girl’s Club (MTV), and Keeping Up with Kardashians (MTV)! Also check out the theme song she co-wrote for the show “Big Rich Texas” now airing on the Style Network.

For more information on Kari Kimmel, visit her page on FanAccess.com.


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