The Jeremy Lin sensation sweeps across Asia

February 18, 2012

The sudden rise of NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin has taken Asia by storm. When he took the floor as a starter for the first time in his professional career, the former basketball guard from Harvard University, was not known by many in Asia, where basketball has seen a great rise in popularity over the years. After leading the woeful Knicks to a win over the Nets, who have had their own troubles finding wears to win, a few people started to take notice. Who was this kid who led a team without two of its star starters to a win in his first start? How did he score 25 points?

After guiding New York to a seemingly improbable 7-game win streak, the mania surrounding the new starting point guard for the New York Knicks reached fever pitch. It wasn’t just the win streak, but it was the way Jeremy accomplished the feat as a team player, while making the highlight reels with his heroics. It was also the humble way he has accepted his success and the generosity in which he dishes out credit to his coach and teammates.

But in Asia, what captivates the imaginations of basketball fans the most, is how Jeremy Lin has broken the mold and shattered the barrier that many have perceived with Asian athletes. It has raised the hopes of many young men across a continent, who can now dream of having their shot in the NBA.

Ever since the winning streak began, newspapers and television stations from Taiwan, to China, Singapore, and Hong Kong have covered Jeremy almost religiously. Born from parent of Taiwanese descent, his coverage is especially intense, where Jeremy mania is covered around the clock on the TV news.

With the Knicks first loss with Lin as the starter against the Hornets, perhaps the craziness may start dying down. Lin is sure to pick himself up and learn from his mistakes, pushing himself and his teammates to start a new winning streak, and possibly the playoffs. But the dreams of his captivated fans in Asia are not going to die down anytime soon.

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