Kari Kimmel Summer Happenings

July 1, 2012

Kari Kimmel

Singer and songwriter Kari Kimmel shared with FanAccess.com what she has going on during this Summer, and we are happy to pass it along to her fans.

1) On June 27th, her song, “Brand New Day” was broadcast on The Real World TV show on MTV.

2) She will be singing on a national Nissan commercial that will air this Summer.

3) She will be singing the theme song, “I Want You To Want Me” on the new Fox show, “The Choice,” airing Thursday nights at 8 pm.

4) She co-wrote and is singing the theme song to a new show on ABC Family premiering July 11th called “Beverly Hills Nannies.”

5) She teamed up with Hane’s Barely There to promote their new line of underwear, and you can visit this link to get a FREE song.

6) Her song “Go” can be heard in the upcoming Rob Reiner film, “The Magic of Belle Isle, which will be released on July 6.

For more information on Kari Kimmel, click here to visit her page on FanAccess.com.


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