According to Dwight Howard’s blog, he is not wasting any time in the off-season. Coming off a disappointing series loss to the Celtics in the 2010 Eastern Conference Finals, Orlando Magic Center Dwight Howard flew to Houston to work on his game. Given that he already has Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing to work with, it says a lot about the work ethic and drive of Dwight Howard that he is taking time to work with another Hall of Fame Center, Hakeem, “The Dream” Olajuwan.

In his blog, Dwight Howard shares that he has learned how to improve his footwork and fakes, including a new fake move, called the “Milk Shake.” Dwight also said (perhaps jokingly) that he has tried to convince Orlando Magic General Manager Otis Smith to sign the 47-yr-old Olajuwan, because he is still in great shape. Dwight also shares his Summer plans, including trips to Los Angeles and China. He will also work out with Hakeem Olajuwan again in Africa, visiting for Basketball Without Borders.

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